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Travel and Adventure
  • Our adventure begins in Cairo, Egypt with a visit to the world-class Cairo Museum.


  • We travel to Aswan to visit a historical cathedral and temple. In Aswan, we begin a three-night cruise down the Nile to visit a series of pyramids that represent each of the Chakras.


  • Our last day in Egypt takes us to The Great Pyramid of Giza for our first Earth Chakra Ceremony.  


  • Next, we fly to Tel Aviv, Israel to begin our bus tour of the northern half of Israel which will include reviewing ancient Roman ruins and touring (and shopping) in Tzfat - the ancient home of Kabbalistic Mysticism.  


  • As we come around the top of Israel and make our way south, we will visit cultural sites of the Abrahamic religions including the Mount of Olives, where we will do the second Earth Chakra Ceremony.


  • Next, we will visit the Tomb of Joseph of Arimathea where Christ ascended.  


  • And of course, we will float in the Dead Sea! We will spend the Sabbath weekend in Jerusalem and journey off to Qumran - the home of the Essenes and the Israel Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls.


  • Our trip includes a visit to Neva Shalom - the Oasis of Peace - an intentional Oneness community for all Israeli citizens.


  • Our adventure ends back in Tel Aviv to learn the history and modern facets of this most vibrant city.  

Trip Purpose - Enriching the Earth and Yourself

Where do we even begin to describe this spiritually-infused adventure to not one but two of the world’s most spiritual locations.


As we travel to the pyramids of Egypt we will commune with the ancient gods and goddesses through ceremony and exploration. From Egypt, we will travel to Israel to immerse ourselves in the culture and traditions of the world’s diverse spiritual traditions.


We will do Earth Chakra ceremonies in both Egypt and Israel as well as partake in many other ceremonies led by local spiritual leaders.

The Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra of the earth is shared between the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Mt. Olives in Israel, it beckons us to listen to and respect the Earth and communicate our truth.  


Between the ancient cultures of Egypt and Israel we will find a balance within the throat chakra that will help heal the difficulties that especially emanate from this part of the world.


Here you will be able to project your affirmations of love out to the world and to your inner world through vibrating sounds in your throat.


Amplified by the sacred structures and your clear thought of transformation, while participating in ceremony that the ancients have long done for thousands of years. Now it is your chance to see where these worlds take you and how they enrich your life forever.


Communicating Our Truth

Earth Throat Chakra Tour

Egypt and Israel


* All prices are subject to change and excludes the cost of travel to and from destinations.

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