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  • We will follow the pathways of the Arimathean family, first gathering in Glastonbury connecting to the holy hill ‘The Tor’ and the ‘Abbey,’ where the first ever Christian church ‘The Wattle Church’ was built in 62AD.


  • We will do our Third Eye ceremony on Burrow Mump, the third eye of the landscape unicorn.


  • We will take that energy up north through the country to the Lake District where we will stop at the stunning stone circle of Castlerigg (Tor’s favorite stone circle,) a place where the Celtic tribes from the north and south met.


  • Next, we head further north to Dunard Hill where the kings were crowned thousands of years ago. This site is in the center of Kilmartin, an area of 300 plus sacred sites, monds, castles, and standing stones.


  • We sail to Iona, where the famous St Columba founded a Celtic Christian community in the spirit of the Arimatheans who had a divine love for this crystal isle.


  • By traveling to Castles, Lochs, and to the majestic Edinburgh, the seat of Royalty and the Knight Templars we will enter into their magic.


  • Our mission of love will end amongst the templars in their most sacred domain, that honors the divine feminine ‘Rosslyn Chapel.'

Trip Purpose - Enriching the Earth and Yourself

In the great tradition of Scotland; full of myths and legends of kings, queens and sacred bloodlines, you will be literary submersed in the grail mystery.


We start our Third Eye Journey in the sacred lands of Glastonbury, known as the ‘New Jerusalem’ where we will attune to the symbolism of the the ‘Horn of the Unicorn’ which is found in the landscape with her third eye represented as Burrow Mump.


We will release the Unicorn and let her lead us north to her true home lands, Scotland, where she is the Celtic symbol of innocence, purity, healing and joy. Here, we will submerse ourselves in Scotland's sacred landscape and learn of her mysteries. 

The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye of the earth is related to the shifting of consciousness. The third eye chakra moves a 12th around the globe every 2230 years approximately, with the procession of the equinox.


The consciousness has been brought to Glastonbury from Jerusalem 2000 years ago by the family of Christ, led by Joseph of Arimathea and his daughter Mary Magdalene, where they founded the true Christ teachings of love.

Today, the Templars still honor Mary for sharing the teachers of love throughout the Celtic regions and anchoring them in Scotland.


The Horn of the Unicorn

Earth Third Eye Chakra Tour



* All prices are subject to change and excludes the cost of travel to and from destinations.

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