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Travel and Adventure
  • Our journey begins in Melbourne as we attend an ‘Ab’original cultural event.


  • Our exploration of the Melbourne area includes an exploration of the  Dandenong Ranges, the William Ricketts Sanctuary and Hanging Rock.

  • We then hop on a plane to Alice Springs to explore the art shops, walk up Anzac Hill and meet an ‘Ab’original Women’s Group.


  • Our next plane ride takes us to Uluru and Kata Tjuta - the location of the 3rd Chakra of the earth. Where we will do our earth chakra ceremony. 


  • The next day we will go on an 'Ab'original tour of the Seit Cave Hill to hear the stories of the  stars from ‘Ab’original elders and see the ancient cave paintings.


  • Our next stop is Sydney where we will visit the mysterious Woy Woy Egyptian hieroglyphics and take in a Blue Mountain ‘Ab’original tour.  

  • From Sydney, we will have a few days in Byron Bay to walk up Wollumbin (Mount Warning) and enjoy the beautiful ocean and spa.

Trip Purpose - Enriching the Earth and Yourself

In addition to performing ceremonies at each of the Earth’s chakras, we love to meet local tribes and participate in their spiritual ceremonies.  


The ceremony for the Earth’s 3rd chakra will take place at Uluru (Ayers Rock) and her sister formation Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). This sacred location on the earth is considered the Rainbow Serpent's birthing pool.


We will experience the fascinating native ‘Ab’original people through cultural, educational and spiritual events. Our sense of oneness with the Earth will be enhanced through the study of ancient caves with fascinating hieroglyphics.


On a unique meditation walk up Wollumbin, you will find even deeper connection to the earth. The last few days of our trip will be for soaking in all of our magnificent experiences by the beautiful ocean and spa of Byron Bay.

The Solar Chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra at Uluru is where the Rainbow Serpent is birthed, from here she travels around the planet as far as Glastonbury, UK, the Heart and back to her home in Australia.


Uluru is where there are many stories of the Rainbow Serpent's family, such as the carpet snakes ‘Kuniya’ and her nephew ‘Liru’ when he came to steal her eggs and they had a confrontation.


The Solar Plexus is all about family, passion and creativity, and the ancient culture of the ‘Ab’originals has an abundance of this. Through their art, dance and stories, all of which we will submerse ourselves in, we will help heal and enrich our solar plexus and that of the world family.


The Solar Plexus chakra of the Earth is located at Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Australia. As in the human energetic field, the third or solar plexus chakra is representative of the emotional energies and is depicted as an “umbilical cord” supplying energy to all inhabitants of the Earth.


Uniting the Grid with the Inner Sun

Earth Solar Plexus Chakra Tour



* All prices are subject to change and excludes the cost of travel to and from destinations.

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