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Travel and Adventure
  • Our adventure begins with an architectural and cultural tour of Lima,Peru.     


  • From Lima we fly to Cusco and head off to Chinchero to experience the color and creativity of the local marketplace.    


  • Here in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, we will visit the Ruins of Pisaq and the Temple of the Sun.    


  • Next, we travel by train to Machu Picchu for an extraordinary tour on one of the 7 Wonders of the World.  


  • On our journey back to Cusco, we will explore magnificent  Inca ruins and  Kenko, the temple dedicated to Mother Earth.        


  • The last leg of our travel adventure brings us to the Island of the Sun on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia - highest lake on the Earth.

Trip Purpose - Enriching the Earth and Yourself

The reason for our extensive travel adventure into two countries in South America is because the sacral chakra is located on three points of a mystical triangle. In order to complete our ceremonial work with Mother Earth, we must travel to all three.


The first or the top corner of the triangle is located on Machu Picchu. It is at this sacred location that we will participate in the 1st of 3 Earth Chakra Ceremonies. The left corner of the triangle is located in Cusco, Peru. On our way back from Machu Picchu, we will perform the 2nd of 3 Earth Chakra Ceremonies at Kenko, the temple dedicated to Mother Earth.  


The right corner of the triangle is located on the Island of the Sun on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. We will perform the 3rd of 3 Earth Chakra Ceremonies at the this extraordinary location where the Rainbow and the Plumed serpents intertwine to balance the Earth.

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, in the body is represented by a still crystal clear pool, that holds the sacred feminine and sacred masculine in balance.  Here in Peru and Bolivia, to have the sacral represent by Lake Titicaca can’t be any better - it is the highest lake in the world, with stories of a hidden city at its base.  


Lake Titicaca contains two sacred islands -  the Island of the Sun (masculine) and the Island of the Moon (feminine) all perfectly represented for you to work on your inner balance of your own divine masculine and feminine.  This is where the Rainbow Serpent (female) and Quetzalcoatl Serpent (male) meet for the first time, intertwining and balancing in their own romantic embrace and unity. This will inspire us to work on balancing the Masculine and Feminine for the collective man and personally.


The second chakra of the earth is located on three points of a mystical triangle located in two extraordinary countries in South America enabling you to work with the ancients knowledge to truly anchor the energies and possibilities in your Sacral Chakra.


Intertwining the Male and Female Serpents

Earth Sacral Chakra Tour  



* All prices are subject to change and excludes the cost of travel to and from destinations.

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