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Travel and Adventure
  • As soon as you come off the plane in London you will be whisked away to the ancient Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury, where an evening group meditation has been prepared for you.


  • The following day, you will dive into the mysteries of Glastonbury.


  • The next day we take a walk to the ancient oak trees, Gog and Maygog and at sunset we will do our Earth Heart Chakra ceremony on top of the Tor.


  • The following day we will visit the famous ‘Stonehenge’ and the amazing ‘Avebury Henge.’


  • Then we take our adventure to Cornwall, visiting Dartmoor, then Tintagel, where the stories of King Arthur and Guinevere come alive.


  • Then in Penzance we visit ‘St Michael’s Mount’ and some of the most amazing Celtic Christian sites.


  • The final day you have free time in Glastonbury, then travel back to London.

Trip Purpose - Enriching the Earth and Yourself

Return to the heart, this is the key to all spiritual practices and the Glastonbury Tor, holy hill, is the greatest of symbols for the heart. Her many ley lines, that converge on the Tor, are like the veins that pump blood to and from the human heart.


It is said that the Piscean age is energetically being drawn to the Tor to be released and transformed into the Aquarian age. Here you will enter into your own transformational process and help raise the consciousness into the the Aquarian age. Then take this journey down the Michael Ley Line to the King Arthur Country, Cornwall and learn of the King, Queen and Astrologer ‘Merlin’ archetypes and how to awaken them in you.

The Heart Chakra

The green and pleasant land, as described in William Blake's ‘New Jerusalem’ is Glastonbury. It holds the divine green of the heart chakra, so healing and abundant.


Along with the description above of the ley lines being the veins, Glastonbury Tor’s connection to the heart is also with the seven holy springs, that pump out the crystal clear waters. In essence, purifying mother earth's fluids, balancing the masculine and feminine, as Christ and Mary Magdalene.


The ancients would have worked in unity, the women holding the masculine energies in the seven springs on the Tor and the men holding the feminine energies at the Chalice Well Spring. In each of our hearts we have the balance and we need to retain that balance to keep us aligned to the Divine.


Returning to the Heart of the Divine

Earth Heart Chakra Tour



* All prices are subject to change and excludes the cost of travel to and from destinations.

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